Things We Love and Lose, Things We Love and Keep

For the Unitarian Universalist Church here in Bowling Green, for Women’s History Month, I recorded this poetry reading (my own and others’). Although I don’t attend the church, I admire its principles and have friends who attend, so I was happy to work up a poetry reading–I knew I didn’t want to offer a lecture or discuss something of historical interest (leaving that to others more capable). Since my poetry is often about loss, I thought that would be a good topic, but not in a depressing or defeated way. I didn’t want this to be just about me, and it was fun finding poets who talk about things they love, but not in the usual sense. I was looking for poems that would enrich my theme, “things we love and lose and things we love and keep or struggle to keep.” The poems are about place and home, family and people we care about, and animals and our planet. It’s about 25 minutes. I hope you enjoy the poems (I include them so you can read along if you like). Here’s the link.

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